Celëne Petrulak

Untitled (grandfather and elephants

Celëne’s post-modern fairy-tales manage to explore darkness while incorporating the light of hope into each piece -a balancing act
evident in Drowning Your Sorrows. This portrayal of her beloved grandfather explores the personal heartaches he endured in life as well as his endearing qualities that have left indelible visions in her mind.

Grandpap Rose, as Celëne lovingly refers to him, had his dreams of becoming a Disney animator cut short when he was called to serve in World War II. After earning a Purple Heart, Grandpap Rose returned to Pennsylvania and worked in a steel mill. When visiting her grandfather, the two would take long walks along the railroad tracks. Always stopping at the local bar, Grandpap Rose would enjoy a shot of whiskey and a beer while Celëne indulged in a bottle of pop.


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