Betsy Lohrer Hall

Untitled (Buy) Untitled (If we told you…)

Untitled (If we told you the…) Untitled (If we told you the truth…)

Two different approaches to the labels:

The Secret to Happiness – Just when I think I have found the “it” that will make my life complete, I realize that it is not “it”. In a perverse way, this is funny and reassuring. For a long time I thought I would find “it all” in a bottle of beer – there was so much potential in those golden drops…

Untitled (Promise) Untitled (Promise Frog Princess) Untitled (Promise Ostrich Man)

Side Show Promises – Exploring the idea of a promise and all that entails in relation to marketing, relationships, and real life.

Betsy Lohrer Hall is a conceptual, mixed media artist living in Long Beach, California, USA.


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