Merry-Beth Noble

Untitled (maid)

The beer label design I produced was inspired by the branding and color scheme of the label from the Netherlands’ home brewery, Heineken. Because I am interested in branding and package design that is somehow representative of cultures or countries as subject matter for my work, Heineken was a natural choice for Something’s Brewing because of the project’s Dutch location.

I created a label that looks like fashion design for a beer bottle, by using fabric and vinyl with sparkles and lace. The objective is to give the Something’s Brewing bottle personality, femininity and allow the design to directly compete for attention with the multi-national brewer. If they happen to be in the same room as each other, …the viewer will have to decide who is the best dressed.


Originally from Los Angeles, MERRY-BETH NOBLE currently lives in Chicago where she is a practicing artist and educator. Her studio is located in Hyde Park where she is filming a series of short video animations, and producing drawings along with limited edition hand-made books and prints. She currently teaches at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the International Academy of Design & Technology in Chicago, and was recently a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Chicago. She is a leader for both the International Academy’s Study Abroad Program and The Art Institute’s Prague Studio Program. She received her BA in art from UCLA, a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, received her MFA at The University of Chicago where she was awarded a full-tuition scholarship.

Recent Exhibitions include: Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria; Gallerie Doubner, Academy of Fine Art, Prague, Czech Republic; Guggenheim Gallery of Chapman University, Walled City, Los Angeles; City of Brea Art Gallery, San Francisco Public Library, CA; WAX Space, NYC; Franke Institute, University of Chicago, Robert Morris College, Jean Albano Gallery, Unit B Gallery, Chicago. Publications & Interviews: Conde’ Nast Traveler, Radio Bulgaria, Chicago Arts Journal, Neighborhood Public Radio, Collections: Deloitte, Chicago. Awards: Chicago Arts Council Grant, SAIC OMA Outstanding Collaborative Project Award.


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