Propaan Walk

Propaan Walk 1

We start with a map. We are located near the lower far left end of the map, not in the lake, but in the centruum and Winder Limmen is located near the lower right end of the map. Streets are continuous but change names frequently especially when they intersect another.

As a way to document time I take a random snapshot every ten minutes without much concern for composition. The snapshot is a time marker.

Propaan Walk 2

Let’s begin.

Propaan Walk 3

10 minutes

Propaan Walk 4

20 minutes
No more sidewalks, only a bike path.

Propaan Walk 5

30 minutes

Propaan Walk 6

40 minutes
Crossed over canals and quarries and enter industrial park

Propaan Walk 7

50 minutes
Endless industrial park, semi-trucks, and warehouses
(Are we in Southern California? Still no sidewalks, no pedestrians but there is a bike lane.)

Propaan Walk 8

60 minutes
We arrive!

Propaan Walk 9

70 minutes
Waiting for the salesman.

Propaan Walk 10

80 minutes
Retrieving 2 propaanfles 10,5 kg

Propaan Walk 11

90 minutes
Waiting for taxi

Propaan Walk 12

100 minutes
Waiting for taxi

Propaan Walk 13

110 minutes
Tanks in taxi trunk.
We are on our way.

Propaan Walk 14

120 minutes

Propaan Walk 15

130 minutes

Taxi drops us off.


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