Brewing and Equipment

Brewing Set-up

Left to Right: Mash Tun, Hot Liquor Tank, Miscellaneous Equipment, Boil Kettle, , Burners, Hoses, Bucket, Two Propane Tanks in rear, Pump in the middle foreground, and heat exchanger in foreground.

Hot Liquor Tank & Mash Tun Hot Liqor Tank and Mash Tun

25 litres of 76 C water from hot liquor tank to mash tun

Adding Grain Milled grain added to mash tun 1

Milled Pale Malt, Special B Malt, and Roasted Barley being added to the mash tun.

Doughing In Bob doughing in Doughing In close up

Doughing In

Pumps and Hoses

Pumping Wort to Boil Kettle

Wort in Fermentor

Wort in Fermentor

Spent Grain

Spent Grain


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