Bob’s Bottling Instructions

Make Sanitizer: In white bucket mix 9.5 liters cold water with 1/2 oz. of Star San. Stir to mix.

Pour sanitizer in kettle, wetting sides and allowing it to pass through valve. Allow a contact time of a few minutes, wetting the sides and opening valve a couple of times throughout.

Spray underside of kettle lid with sanitizer. You may need to fill up spray bottle with more sanitizer.

Drain or pour sanitizer out of kettle back into bucket. Place parts (red tubing assembly, clear tubing, bottle filler, plastic spoon) in bucket making sure all surfaces come into contact with liquid. Soak for a few minutes. You may have to spray the spoon with sanitizer in order to get it completely wet.

Spray inside of plastic spigot on fermenter with sanitizer and allow a few minutes contact time.

Place the sanitized kettle underneath the fermenter. Push clear plastic tubing onto fermenter spigot. You will have to push firmly to get it to go on. Make sure that the tubing is securely pushed onto the spigot (about 1/2″ onto the spigot). Make sure you are not touching the other end of the tubing as the outside of the tubing will eventually be submerged in the beer. Try to place the tubing into the kettle in such a way to minimize splashing. Make sure the valve on the kettle is closed. Remove the airlock top piece on top of the fermenter. Open the spigot on the fermenter and allow all the beer to pour out. Do not tip the fermenter, just allow however much beer will flow out with the fermenter on the level surface.

Dip the plastic spoon into the kettle to determine the amount of beer in liters. Place spoon back in bucket of sanitizer as you will need it later. Cover kettle with lid. Move the full kettle onto the tabletop.

Place approximately 0.5 liters (amount is not critical) of water in a saucepan. Use the following formula to determine how much sugar to add to the water:

liters of beer x 0.264 = ounces of sugar

example: 27 liters x 0.264 = 7.1 ounces of sugar

Boil for 5-10 minutes then add directly to beer in kettle. Stir gently with the sanitized plastic spoon for 1-2 minutes with an up and down motion rather than a circular motion. (fold sugar water mixture into beer)

Sanitize the bottles.

Push the the bottle filler (hard plastic tube with black tip) into the red tubing assembly (piece of red tubing with smaller diameter clear tubing pushed into it). Make sure not to handle the lower half of the filler since it will come into contact with the inside of the bottles later. Now push the red tubing end onto the metal spigot on the kettle making sure that it is securely on. It does NOT need a clamp, just make sure it is pushed well onto the metal spigot.

Open the valve on the kettle and the bottle filler will slowly begin to fill. Place an empty sanitized bottle underneath the filler and raise it up to the filler so that the filler enters the bottle. By raising up the bottle you will press against the valve on the bottle filling tube thus opening and closing it and controlling the filling of the bottle. Once the beer reaches the top of the bottle (or spills over), pull the bottle away from and out of the filler. Place a cap on the bottle and crimp it on.

Repeat over and over!


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