Ready to Bottle

Preparation for Bottling: Red Irish Ale transferred from fermentor to sanitized kettle

ipa transfer IPA after two weeks

Batch 7: IPA draining from fermentor into kettle (from bottling session 3).

empty tank

Fermentor after Red Irish Ale has been transferred to bottling kettle.

IPA Dry Hopped

IPA Fermentation Tank Remnants (large blob is panty hose filled with hops added after one week of fermentation)

Bottles & Sanitizer

Sanitizing Bottles: Each of the 250 bottles is sanitized by placing the bottle over the spigot of the bottle washer pictured at the right. Bottles is pumped two times on the washer to ensure the sanitizer reaches every portion to prevent contamination which leads to foul tasting beer.

Bob Bottling hand and bottle

Bottling the Red Irish Ale

First Batch Bottled Bottled Red Irish Ale

First batch of Red Irish Ale bottled, capped, and ready to store for two more weeks before it can be drunk.


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