22 and 23 June De Kift at Oerol Festival

22 and 23 June Something’s Brewing joined forces with De Kift at the Oerol Festival on the Dutch island of Terschelling for two nights of song and drinke.

The island can only be reached by boat.

boat in the north sea

The festival has had an annual presence on the island for twenty-five years hosting 50,000 people throughout its ten days.

overview of main festival grounds

It’s focus is music and theater. The Peer Group put on an amazing site specific portable theater work in a field which could only be reached by foot or bicycle. The time of day was specific to the performance with the sun beginning to set and the sheep heading in. The performance ended with the audience relocating the wooden structures referencing the historical moving of barns by whole towns to follow their sheep.

bicycles on dyke for peer group waiting for performance end of performance

Our first night we spent settling in, bicycling round the island, and getting to know our generous host Jan de Jong of the Vijfpoort, a local pub with a long history of excellent live music and receptive to a BIER giveaway.

vijfpoort - jan

Meindert Talma (left) and Smutfish (right)

meindert talma smutfish

During the day we spent our time promoting BIER and De Kift “Ontmoete & Groete”

flyering help bicycle flyer promo poster

We would also go see the band.

de kift

ann the merchandiser

de kift live live at oerol

Friday and Saturday night the BIER table was set-up and free bottles given away to all who purchased tickets and posed with the band. Designs by Luis Banuelos, Juan Angel Chavez, Ursula Kammer-Fox, Radah, and two anonymous designs submitted by davidmichaellee’s students were used.

SB setup

bier display claudia, erik and caroline sunna with shirt

and the drinkers…

bier drinkers

bier drinkers 2 bier drinkers 3 bier drinkers 4

Something’s Brewing in Wilma Paalman

wilma paalman with sb pin

Many thanks to Claudia, Wim, and Marco without whose generosity this would not have been possible.


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